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Duro Deck Std ATV Tray

Product Code: 160A
Range / Make: Tool Boxes & Trays

TRAX ‘Duro-Deck’ ATV Carrier Trays are indestructible! Made of heavy duty polyethylene plastic they will never break down or disintegrate. Does not absorb water like some of the rubber mats.

Duro-Deck STD Tray – Extra Features:

• Holes to tie down loads
• Low front edge allows comfortable sitting on

Zip ties supplied for fitting it to the carrier, and red tape surround only added if requested.

Bungi Load Secure: - optional extra

Crisscrossing bungi cords through holes firmly secure loads. Handy for all types of tools and can be re-arranged and tensioned to suit simply by using a different combination of holes. Code #162 - $10.70

160b Duro-Deck STD ATV Tray inc Bungi Load Secure $154.50 NZD

$149.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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