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UTV Universal Mirror - 45mm (1.75") Clamp

Product Code: 778
Range / Make: UTV Accessories

UTV Universal Mirror - 45mm (1.75") Clamp

Suits Polaris Rangers, Yamaha Rhino, Honda Pioneer 700, Mule 600's & 3000's, XUV Gators

  • Convex mirror for wider viewing angle
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Ball socket joint
  • Can be mounted side or rear view
  • Shatterproof tempered glass

Mounts anywhere - Customers sometimes buy 2-3 of these mirrors because they can mount them anywhere! They buy one for the rear view, one for the left side and one for the right side

Mounts to a variety of vehicles - These mirrors can be mounted on a variety of vehicles. Customers buy these mirrors to stick on their boats, tractors, or any other equipment they have.

Shatter-resistant - These mirrors can really take some abuse because they are tempered and made from high impact plastic. 

Does not work on Pro-Fit or Profiled cages.

$55.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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