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Gun Rack - UTV Single Point Mounting

Product Code: 515
Range / Make: UTV Accessories

The UNO™ UTV Gun & Bow Holder **Clearance Deal - RRP usually $139**

It's called the UNO™ because one mounting spot is all you need! The Master Block™ mount needs to attach at only one place on any UTV bar up to 45mm (1 ¾") in diameter so you don't need to worry about finding two spots just the right distance apart.

Easy to attach and adjusts quickly to fit your gun or bow because the holders can be slid to the correct width and tightened to a custom fit for whatever item you need to carry.

Works great on horizontal, vertical or angled UTV bars! The UNO™ comes with all the adjustments needed to be mounted either vertically, horizontally or any angle in between and still holds your gear level.

Unique compression rubber honeycomb cushions on the inside of the holders keep your gear held tight. Comes with rubber snubbers for use in rough terrain.


$90.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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