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Quadbar - ATV Roll Bar

Product Code: 748
Range / Make: Quad Safety

QuadBar - ATV Roll Bar

Order this product direct from the manufacturer, Quadbar NZ:

** NOTE: when ordering please state if it is being fitted to a Honda FA6 independent suspension bike. If so, it is supplied with a different towbar mount plate. **

The QuadBar is a small unobtrusive, hairpin shaped hoop mounted on the quadbike behind the rider designed to counter some of the risks associated with rollovers.

The QuadBar has been designed to help prevent the operator from being pinned beneath an overturned quadbike. It is also designed to reduce crushing and pinning injuries and fatalities in cases of quadbike back flip.

If you want a flexible and more passive option, check out the LifeGuard®:

$740.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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