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All Terrain Stick-On Gun Rack

Product Code: 197
Range / Make: Gun Racks

All Terrain Stick-On Gun Rack

Model Number: TT1

Base plates using double sided tape make this rack ideal for any UTV or general farm vehicle.

To carry 1 item – rifle, shotgun, bow, fishing rod, shovel, etc.  Also works well with binoculars.

  • Detachable clips lock into the base plate with a secure dovetail lock
  • Rubber spurs on holders’ cushion and grip your item securely
  • Rubber snubbers hook into place for added security
  • 3M industrial strength double-sided tape adheres to glass or any painted metal surface and plastic 
  • Base plates have pre-drilled holes so they can also be attached to any flat surface with bolts or screws if desired; Hardware not included

$114.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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