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ATV Packhorse inc Bungi Cords

Product Code: 54
Range / Make: Tool Boxes & Trays

ATV Packhorse
The ATV ‘Packhorse’ is a larger bin for maximum storage capacity! Made of ultra-tough polyethylene plastic, these will last a lifetime of everyday use. Includes mounting bungi cords.

Features/Benefits of the ATV PACKHORSE:

  • Extra length can take a standard size spade, shovel, axe, fence standard’s, spray, chainsaws, guns etc
  • Easy mounting options for practically any make of quad
  • Can be used on ute decks, trailers or UTV carriers
  • Waterproof or drill your own drainage holes if needed. Heavy duty stretch-on PVC lid available 

Mounting kit available or can be attached however you decide.

Capacity: LENGTH 1100MM, WIDTH 280MM, HEIGHT 310MM


$345.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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