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Mini 'De Crap It' Scraper Blade

Product Code: 890
Range / Make: Other

Mini 'De Crap It' Scraper Blade

This is an excellent tool for the NZ Dairy Industry, plus a whole lot more!

The Mini 'De-Crap-it' is designed specifically for ATV's and is a highly efficient tool for many uses. Dairy farmers report huge savings in wash downtime and water consumption. 

It has a 1.8m wide sweep, and has been designed to push from the towbar to minimise stress of the quad. Features a height-adjustable rubber scraper, which uses an electric actuator - no winch or manual lifting required. 

Once the mounting kit is attached to your quad, it only takes a few moments to attach and detach the 'De-Crap-it'. 

Great for cowsheds and yards, raceways, stock underpasses, gravel, sawdust, snow etc etc....

$2,700.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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