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Wheel Lock (Alloy Model)

Product Code: 825
Range / Make: SlipStream

Wheel Lock

An extra piece of kit you can add to your 'SlipStream' - made for the Alloy model only.

Made with steel with a 'hot dip' Galv finish, this Wheel Lock helps secure your bike, and makes it a lot easier for one person to load up as it holds the bike in place without falling over.

This will clamp the wheel and support the bike upright, so as to enable you to tie the bike down "hands-free".

Includes the Wheel Lock and upgraded Front Bar.

Wheel lock will fit all the common dirt bike front wheel sizes which are 18 – 21 inches diameter.

However, a bit of a tweak by a home handyman will make them usable for the smaller wheels on the minis and pit bikes.


$196.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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