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'SlipStream' Alloy Motorbike Carrier with Ramp & Wheel Lock

Product Code: 814
Range / Make: SlipStream

'SlipStream' Bike Carrier Rack - Alloy Model with Ramp & Wheel Lock

This Slipstream dirt bike carrier and ramp is designed to transport off-road, trials, trail, enduro, motocross, pit bikes or farm bikes. Will carry all makes, including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM etc.

  • Max tyre width: 140mm
  • Rated to carry bikes up to 150kg (or more if they are custom fitted to the vehicle)
  • Road legal; No rego or warrant needed
  • Drive at the open road speed limit
  • Takes very little space to store
  • Much easier to park
  • Takes a few minutes to put on or take off
  • Towbar can be used as normal when not carting the carrier/bike

This alloy carrier is supplied with the channel, the aluminium ramp for easy loading, which also stores on the carrier when in transit, and the wheel lock which clamps the front wheel and supports the bike, so as to enable you to tie the bike down 'hands-free'.

  • Carrier fits all bikes (kids and adults) up to tyre width of 140mm
  • Weighs approx. 26kg (depends on configuration)
  • Steelwork is hot dip galvanized and the channel is high tensile grade T6 aluminium
  • Includes 6 tie-down points
  • Will carry scooters (including UBCO bikes)

MOUNTING TO THE TOWBAR (mount is supplied with carrier)

Two mounting options: receiver hitch (fits square removable towbar) or standard mount (fits the fixed tongue style towbar). 

The receiver hitch mount replaces the 50mm removable tow hitch and is fitted into place using the existing towbar pin. 

The standard mount is simply bolted on underneath the towball, with a specially designed clamping system to eliminate twisting.


Cars weight ratings vary – check the vehicle download weight rating

Check towbar type – or send pictures so we can confirm

Slipstream carriers have been designed (in most cases) to clear a spare wheel attached to the rear door

Minimum required between bumper and tow ball centre is 90mm (standard mount)

EXTRAS (added at extra cost)

  • 25mm tie downs are available for $50 per pair
  • We recommend using a shock chock fork support to eliminate the front shocks compressing when tying down - $20 each
  • If needed, we have LED lightboards (code #813), complete with bungi cord ties, cable, and plug ready to connect directly to your vehicle


$995.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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