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Plastic Restorer - Seal X 500ml

Product Code: SEALX5
Range / Make: Other

Plastic Restorer - Seal X 500ml

To restore exterior and interior plastics and rubber to their original look and colours. Brings up the plastics on a Quad or UTV like magic – you’ll never use sticky silicone again!
The looks of faded and UV-worn plastics spring back to life and become water and dirt repellent. Greatly enhances the vehicle presentation for months to come. 

Wash surfaces to remove dirt and grime. Let dry. Apply product in circular motion. Use product neat by wiping or spraying on at even application. Just leave to dry. Repeat application on heavily worn or UV damaged surfaces to reach saturation and “even” appearance. 

It will not harm paintwork glass or chrome. But it does contain silicone so do not spray it in paint shop areas. Use brush or wipe on instead. 

$85.00 NZD inc GST (excl Freight)
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